Opportunities, November 10 & 11


Care Center – Front Desk Assistant

Time Commitment: Sundays (8:30 AM - 12:00 PM)
Contact: Mary LaBorie 
Who: 18 years & up

Children’s – The Park

Time Commitment: Twice/Month (Weekend Services)
Contact: Michael Farrell 
Who: 9th grade & up

Children’s – The Playground

Time Commitment: Twice/Month (Weekend Services)
Contact: Amanda Humphrey 
Who: 6th grade & up

Children’s – Special Needs Team

Time Commitment: Twice/Month (Weekend Services)
Contact: Amanda Humphrey 
Who: 16 years & up

Creative Arts – Choir

Time Commitment: Thursdays & Scheduled Weekends
Contact: Lori Whitford 
Who: 6th grade & up

First Impressions – Hospitality Team

Time Commitment: Weekends (Flexible)
Contact: Julie Sickle 
Who: 9th grade & up

Peake Youth – Production Team

Time Commitment: Twice/Month (Evenings)
Contact: Matthew Deans 
Who: 9th grade & up

Summit Men – Summit Park Care Team

Time Commitment: Once/Month (Saturday 8-11AM)
Contact: Jeremy Robinson 
Who: 18 years & up (Under 18 accompanied by parent)

Congregational Meeting

Mark your calendars for our Congregational Meeting on Monday, November 12, at 7 PM. On the agenda: Affirmation to the Office of Elder. While everyone is welcome to attend, formal participating members of Chesapeake ought to consider it a part of their membership commitment to attend this important meeting. There will be an open question & answer
period afterwards. Questions? Email elders@chesapeakechurch.org. FREE childcare is available by reservation: go on our church app or visit chesapeakechurch.org/childcare.

chesapeake game night - holiday edition!

Game Night is BACK! Join us THIS Friday, November 16, from 7 - 9 PM. This event will feature Just Dance, Take It or Leave It Game Show, Christmas ornament making, Christmas family photo room, a life-size CandyLand game, an ice cream sundae bar and more. ALL FREE! Please bring one can of whipped cream, if you can. RSVP required. For more info and to RSVP, please visit chesapeakechurch.org/gamenight.

Children's choir

Does your child enjoy music? Children’s choir rehearsals for Christmas will begin on Monday, November 26. Visit chesapeakechurch.org/childrenschoir or the church app for details or email lwhitford@chesapeakechurch.org.

firewood for families event

Firewood For Families is another great opportunity to reach our Southern Maryland community. With the cost of heating fuel and electricity continually rising, some folks struggle to heat their homes and cook food. Our Summit Men’s Ministry has chosen to battle this struggle by sawing, splitting and delivering FREE firewood to some of these families on Saturday, December 1. As always, breakfast will be served during the event. Stop by THE LINK today to sign up or visit our website: chesapeakechurch.org/firewood.

sponsor a giving thanks dinner

You can provide a family, served by our Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry, with a turkey and all of the complimenting side dishes for them to make their own Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner! Stop by THE LINK and pick up a brochure. For additional information, contact Debbie Weber at

honduras compassion partners mission trips

Visit hondurascompassion.partners for information on how you can join a mission team for a trip, or organize your own. Self-sufficiency, healthy living and dignity accomplished through relationships. . . that’s our vision.

this week at our food pantry

This week, our Food Pantry served 1,846 families (16 were new), equaling 4,384 people receiving support. A total of 180 volunteers served for 502 hours, distributing 44,600 pounds of food & household items to people in need.