Serve With Us

Involvement Is Connection

You may hear that phrase at Chesapeake occasionally, and we mean it. The most effective way get connected at Chesapeake is by serving. Choose to either serve a one-time event, such as Easter, or jump into a ministry of your choice to serve weekly or monthly. 

We encourage taking the Spiritual Gifts Survey to discover how God has gifted you, then think about what you are passionate about. Is it caring for our kiddos? Do you love to teach? Maybe it's a more behind-the-scenes passion like ensuring our building is in top shape. 

Check out the position descriptions and choose today to join us in building God’s kingdom together!

Position Descriptions

Below are all of our serving opportunities. Click on an opportunity to see a position description and sign-up space.



Community life

Congregational Care

First Impressions

food pantry

Peake youth

Support Services

Traffic Safety